Popular sightseeing spots among foreign visitors



Most temples in Japan are funded by many people, but this temple was funded by one man. Not just a temple - the caves and Italian-style buildings were all funded by him!



★Ookunojima island, which is also called Rabbit island

There are more than 700 friendly rabbits living wild, all over the island.



★ Ooyamazumi Shrine(National Treasure) 

It is said that your dream will come true if you can run three times around the big, 2600 year old tree.



★Kirou mountain look out- observatory

The view from this look out is really great!

It is ranked 2nd in the best scenery 2016 in Japan.

At 307.8m, it's a tough climb but do your best! 



★Murakami pirate museum

You can learn about the "pirates" and you can also dress up in Japanese-style armor!